Midtown NY Podiatrist, Dr. Isaac Tabari, is a top Foot Doctor and world-renowned pediatric podiatrist / children's foot specialist in Manhattan's NYC Podiatry Center of Excellence.
Board certified by ABPM, with multiple awards oh his track record, VIP & Celebrity patients, he is in private practice at  136 E 57th St #801, New York, NY 10022.   Medico de los pies en NY.
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HealthPlus / Amerigroup Insurance is accepted by NY Podiatrist!!

NYC Top Foot Doctor, Dr. Isaac Tabari is in-network with and accepts all HealthPlus and Amerigroup insurance plans. Call our office at (212) 288-3137 to book an appointment.

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Podiatrist that accepts HealthPlus and Amerigroup Insurance Health Plan

By Isaac Tabari
HealthPlus Foot Doctors Manhattan

Dr. Isaac Tabari is a podiatrist in NYC that accept Health Plus and Amerigroup health insurance plan - both Greater New York 1199 Plan and National Benefit 1199 Plan. Please bring your insurance card and any copay that is due to the office when you come for your 1st appointment.


HealthPlus - Amerigroup Podiatrist in NYC


Most other major health insurance plans are accepted as well. Call the office of Dr. Isaac Tabari at (212) 288-3137 to verify his participation in your plan.

If you don't have insurance coverage, we offer the most competitive rates in the local area.



***This material is only provided as helpful information and not as medical advice and you should consult with your foot doctor or another medical doctor for a professional diagnosis. ***

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