Midtown NY Podiatrist, Dr. Isaac Tabari, is a top Foot Doctor and world-renowned pediatric podiatrist / children's foot specialist in Manhattan's NYC Podiatry Center of Excellence.
Board certified by ABPM, with multiple awards oh his track record, VIP & Celebrity patients, he is in private practice at  136 E 57th St #801, New York, NY 10022.   Medico de los pies en NY.
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Foot Conditions Checklist

Dr. Isaac Tabari, board certified (ABPM) foot & ankle surgeon has helped thousands of patients prevent and recover from diseases of the foot and ankle, as well as perform countless reconstructive surgeries for bunions, hammertoes, etc.

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Foot Problems Checklist Quiz

By Isaac Tabari


My toenails are streaked, discolored and thickened.

The sides of my toenails dig into the skin and hurt.

I have a large bump behind my big toe (or little toe) which is always red.

I get an extremely painful "cramp" in the area of my third (3rd) and
fourth (4th) toes when wearing shoes.

My toes are not straight -- they are all cocked-up, bent and hurt.

I have painful calluses on the ball of my foot which keep building up.

I have corns on my toes which get thick no matter what shoe size I wear.

The bottom of my heel hurts all day, but its worse when I step out of bed
in the morning.

I have cramps in my legs which always happen when I walk the same distance.

My feet are always dry and scaly -- sometimes they itch.

My feet just hurt all over when I stand or walk a lot.

I have numbness, burning, infection, persistent pain, skin rash, or open sores.

I have a bunion.

I have warts.

I have hammertoes.

I have another foot condition.

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