podiatrist in NY accepts Health PlusWe are happy to announce that our podiatrist accepts Health Plus and HealthPlus Medicaid at NYC Podiatry Center of Excellence. We are official providers for Health Plus Insurance plan. With HealthPlus Amerigroup, you still have the same benefits as always, and now you have access to podiatry services. (more…)

Foot Fracture NYC PodiatristsDid you know that your feet hold almost 1/4 of all the bones in your body.  Foot fractures or broken feet are often painful but not disabling. This post will help to explain what foot fractures are, what causes them, how they are diagnosed and how to treat them.

There are two types of foot fractures: stress fractures and general bone fractures. Stress fractures usually occur in the forefoot: the area from toes to foot’s middle. These types of fractures are like small cracks in the bone surface. They occur due to increase in or improper exercise or walking long distances as well as a change in surfaces. General bone foot fractures extend through the bone. They may be stable when there’s no bone misalignment, or they may be displaced, when bones are misaligned. (more…)

As we discussed last week in our post about when to see a podiatrist for ingrown toenails, ingrown toenails are a painful side effect of wearing ill-fitting shoes or cutting your toenail too short. In this week’s post, we will examine the ingrown toenail removal options and learn about recovery. You will also find out about what you can expect if you have to have your ingrown toenail removal procedure done. (more…)

Best Podiatrist in NYC

Best Podiatrist in NYC

If online search is coming up short in your quest for the city’s best podiatrist in NYC, then good news: We compiled our annual “Best Podiatrists in NYC” roundup by combing the town and asking our opinionated colleagues, industry experts and friends. This list of Best Podiatrist in NYC was compiled by searching through online and offline reviews on Yelp, NY Magazine, as well as by getting Peer Reviews. (more…)

NYC Podiatrist Open Saturdays!NYC Podiatrist open Saturdays!  You asked and we have responded to your needs!

If your podiatrist requires you to schedule your appointments many weeks in advance, or is only available during inconvenient hours, you may find yourself in a predicament when your feet need medical care. Fortunately, NYC Podiatry Center of Excellence has the solution. Our doctors and staff understand that life does not stop to wait for you when you are ill or need an x-ray exam or lab test, which is why we’re open days, evenings, and Saturdays.  (more…)

A common question asked by people is: when is the right time to see a podiatrist for an ingrown toenail?  During peak sports seasons, our office always has an increase in number of patients with ingrown toenail complaints. Sports trauma are a common reason for development of an ingrown toenail. Another reason is athletes wearing narrow-toed sports shoes, (e.g. soccer or track shoes). In addition, many athletes trim their toenails too short to avoid irritation with their shoe. As you may have seen from our previous posts, the above reasons in turn may lead to an ingrown toenail. (more…)

Custom OrthoticsYou may have seen orthotics advertised at Costco or other similar retailers. Be aware that purchasing foot orthotics prescribed by non-medical professionals may cause you more harm than good. In fact, what I have seen in my practice is that this type of commercial offering of custom orthotics actually drives more patients into my podiatry office due to problems they cause to patients’ feet.  (more…)